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Huddersfield Steampunk Society

Welcome to Industrial Radical! We’re a couple of happy steampunks hoping to start a local steampunk group, with no particular agenda beyond entertaining ourselves through the documented enjoyment of neo-Victorian shenanigans. Care to join us?

Any Steampunks in or Around Huddersfield?

We’re looking for steampunks in Huddersfield and the surrounding area who are interested in forming a casual group of like-minded acquaintances for occasional meet-ups, a nice cup of tea, the occasional ale and/or gin, collective event attendance and polite discussion on all matters of steampunkery.

We’ll grow this website as Industrial Radical grows, but in the meantime we’d like to kick things off simply by gauging the local enthusiasm and inviting potential members to register their interest using the form below. Your details will go no further than here, under any circumstances.

The Industrial Radical Party Wants You!

Kirsty-steampunkSpanner-steampunk-wolverineOnce we’ve gathered together a few founding steampunks from Huddersfield (and where have you), we can arrange a pleasant meet up in the town, and collectively decide how Industrial Radical might take shape. We look forward to living in the past with you!