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Virtual Reality Videos of Asylum IX Steampunk Festival

Firstly, welcome to Industrial Radical! Perhaps you came to say hello to us at Asylum IX? We were dressed (at times) as Thor and Wolversteam! Either way, I borrowed a virtual reality video camera from work, and recorded some 360 degree, 3D videos of the event that you can either pan around on your phone […]

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If you’re a steampunk in the Huddersfield area, or you’re thinking about becoming one, get in touch and let’s see about us all getting together!

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Drop us a line at any time if you’re interested in getting together with Industrial Radical, or you’ve any other comments or questions using the form below. Charz!

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We don’t have any particular structure or meetings times/places as yet. We’re pretty new. But ideally we’d like to casually grow Industrial Radical into a collective of Huddersfield and surrounding areas (or folk from anyway, really!) steampunks.

And, of course, we’d love to talk with and meet any newcomers who are interesting in becoming steampunks.

If enough people are interested we’ll set up an informal get together, probably at The Corner in Huddersfield town centre, and we can go from there.

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